Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cooking Away My CSA

I had this amazing plan to post each recipe I made from my CSA box individually, but that fell flat between traveling, Thanksgiving and scavenging San Diego for burritos instead of cooking. Oops. 

This is my first adventure with a CSA program and so far, aside from almost slicing off a few fingers cutting the winter squash, it's great. I signed up for the peck (medium size) box from Capay Valley Farmshare for only $18/week and I get a huge box of fresh, local veggies delivered to my office every Thursday - amazing!

My first round of meals started out promising, but kind of fell apart after Thanksgiving when I realized I still had a slew of veggies that were starting to get a little wilty. Hopefully I'll get better at this as I go.

Our first week included :
King Richard Leeks
Scarlet Queen Turnips
Kabocha Winter Squash
Mandarin Oranges
See my CSA week 1 victories, and fails, below.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

7 Beautiful (and Useful) Travel Guides

I'm headed to Europe next week, so practically all my spare time has been spent combing the Internet for decent travel guides. I'll be in Dublin, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam before heading back to Kentucky for Christmas - which means there's so much to learn before I go!

Here are a few of the better guides I've found while roaming around - what are your favorites?

why it's great : city guides, top ten lists, your weekend playbook abroad

why it's great : everything you need to know about dining in Paris

why it's great : gorgeous photos, what to wear when, ample guides to neighborhoods, shopping & dining

why it's great : itineraries for every taste

why it's great : neighborhood guides, cheat sheets, itineraries
why it's great : stylish & extensive
why it's great : the mobile app is a necessity

Friday, November 22, 2013

Pumpkin Soft Pretzels

I'm really not much of a baker. 

But, when I found this recipe for pumpkin soft pretzels, I had to try it in the name of cooking with all things pumpkin for fall.

Plus, I may have gone a bit far with stocking up on canned pumpkin earlier this season  - so now I have to use it all.

As the original author of the recipe notes, the pumpkin flavor is very subtle in the finished product. You might not even know it's there. That's okay though, the pumpkin puree is actually in place of most of the oil you'd find in other recipes. So, technically, these are healthier (right? someone back me up here...please?)

These pretzels have a gorgeously browned, crisp shell and soft, doughy interior. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Greatest Capes Care to instantly up your style game this winter with very minimal effort? Swap your winter coat with a winter cape and you'll instantly give your look a sophisticated makeover.

Below are 5 gorgeous capes for every price point (even a wool blend under $50!) - so no excuses for frumpy outerwear this winter.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Easy Roasted Chicken Thighs with Brocolini and Sautéed Mushroom Medley

I've been cooking with a ton of kale lately (turkey & kale meatloaf, kale & quinoa salad, kale and chicken soup). Kale and this. Kale and that. Kale. Kale. Kale.

I'm really f****** sick of kale.


So to whip myself out of this hearty green slump, I made roasted chicken thighs with brocolini and sautéed mushroom medley.

Oven roasting foods is one of my favorite ways to cook during the winter. It's easy. It's practically idiot and/or drinking proof. And every food comes out tasting phenomenal.

This recipe feeds two and is incredibly simple, plus if you have basics like olive oil & herbs already in your house the entire dinner costs less than $10 per person - enjoy!

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Carry-On Essentials

The well packed carry-on.

If you travel at all, it will become your best friend and have you stepping off your flight in style, rather than a hot mess - particularly if red eye flights are a frequent thing for you (as they are for me).

Bag, Books & Beats
The Classic Tote by Everlane + Beats Solo HD headphones + Kindle Fire HD

Inflight Style
Pashmina (it's a travel pillow & blanket in one!) + aviators + Kate Spade oversize wallet

The Dinner Party Download + Stuff You Should Know + This American Life + Freakonomics Radio. A thousand times more entertaining than craning your neck for the inflight movie.

For red eye flights Pillow Mints are my favorite, as they don't leave you feeling groggy the next morning. Pair with an eye mask.

Colgate Wisps to freshen up + Benefit It's Potent mini eye cream + Classic Vaseline lip balm + Benefit They're Real mini mascara + Batiste mini dry shampoo + nail file

Bon voyage!